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Scott Harrison



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“Your fight is our fight. Together, we can turn your setback into an unstoppable comeback.”
personal injury attorney Scott Harrison

Personal injury attorneys fight to make sure insurance companies are fair with regular people like you. Licensed in Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee & Texas.

At the trial level, Scott has obtained several seven and eight figure resolutions in the last few years involving all manner of injury claims against insurance companies, corporate defendants, and hospitals. Scott’s trial court work has recently been featured in several national media outlets like NPR’s Here & Now, Bloomberg, Business Insider, Breitbart, and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, for creating a roadmap for other plaintiff’s attorneys to follow in difficult cases against corporate defendants.

When necessary, Scott keeps fighting for our clients on the appellate level. Scott argued in the Georgia Supreme Court leading to the reversal of an unfavorable order in our client’s case and the disapproval of three erroneous cases of important precedent to the insurance industry. This effort led to an improvement of Georgia injury law involving punitive damages because the Court corrected an error that had previously stood for 13 years. This important case attracted amicus briefs from the Georgia Trial Lawyers Association, Georgia Defense Lawyers Association, and Georgia Attorney General. Reid v. Morris, 309 Ga. 230, 845 S.E.2d 590 (2020). For our client, this appeal turned a complete coverage denial into a policy-limits tender. Scott recently helped our client prevail in an appellate case involving police officer immunity. Gwinnett County, Georgia v. H. Jones, (A23IO228; 2023). Several years ago, Scott helped a client preserve a critical favorable ruling in the trial court by resisting a large corporation’s attempts to overturn that favorable order on appeal. Waffle House, Inc. v. Bryson, (A14IO192; 2014). 

Scott grew up in Marietta, GA and proudly attended Cobb County Public Schools graduating from Wheeler High School. While attending Georgia State University, Scott helped contribute to his college expenses by washing dishes and waiting tables at fondue jazz club Dante’s Down the Hatch in Buckhead. While working at Dante’s, Scott met his wife Justine to whom he is lucky enough to have been married for 23 years. Scott has two slightly crazy children who attend Atlanta Public Schools in southeast Atlanta.